Artists Boutique tries to keep each show unique, so each time you visit you may find old favorites or new artists to enjoy. Please visit the Gallery to view art from previous shows.


Artists accepted into the Fall 2017 show:

Patricia Muenks
Richard Ahlvers
Jimmy Liu

Susie Tenzer
Mary Mosblech
Patrick Kennedy

Fiber (Basketry or Paper)
Larry Page
Betty Shew

Fiber (Wearable or Woven)
Marcia Menendez
Linda Windhorst
Diane & Sharon Tessman
Paula Roca
Theresa Gallup
Natalia Butler
Marci Blank
Donna Prevedell
Daryl Bergmann
Gail Kelley
Judith Drew

Glass (not jewelry)
Vivian Stroker

Connie Copley
Leigh Roberts
Lee Richards
Beverly Baker
Allison Norfleet-Bruenger
Nadine King
connie thatcher
Kathy Craddock
Paula Roca
Stanley Boyle
Diane Balber
Phillip Cook

Mixed Media
Janice Schoultz Mudd
Kathleen Weltzin
Kay Foley
Nina Polk
Marjie Brammeier
Amy Koch
Patrick Kennedy
Dawn Schmidt
Sandi Sweeney

Terri Myer
Adrienne Rosen
Michael Frank
Mollie Chounard
John Shew
Janice Scherer
Sherry Haney
Lindsey St John
Robert McClelland
Jessica Mahan

Painting & Photography
edmund j. kowalski

Kim Carr
Greg Kluempers

Jessie Cargas
Ruth Ann Bridger
Phillip Cook

Stanley Boyle
Sherry Phillips
Daniel Messerla